AdWords management service – extra month

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AdWords is a Google product through which any business (that complies with the Terms and Conditions of this advertising program) can be promoted. But managing this marketing method is very difficult, so we are here to help.

If you buy this package, we will manage an advertising campaign with 1-5 ads (you will choose the number of ads) for an extra month. You can buy this package only if you have previously purchased an AdWords management package from our company and this package will expire and you want to extend the service period by a further 1 additional month. This package must be ordered before the previous package expires. Orders that do not meet these conditions will be rejected, and you will have to choose another package with a validity between 1 and 12 months at your choice.



We have over 10 years of expertise in Adwords, so we’ll manage your campaign to suit your needs, but at the same time to get the best visibility but also the lowest price per click (PPC).

We will manage an already started campaign for 6 months. If you do not have an AdWords ad campaign already on, we’ll set this campaign for you if you buy the package. “AdWords management service – Initial setup“.

If you want us to continue managing the campaign, you can choose one of our management packages that can be paid in advance for a period of between 1 month and 12 months.

We need your login to your AdWords account (username and password, as well as confirmation, if you set up 2-Step Authentication) to manage your campaign.

The payment to Adwords is separate and will be made by you (at your own expense).

More information about AdWords can be found here: .


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