Layout and site architecture

1. Make sure that you have clear, visible text in the direction the user normally visits a web page – Text is preferable to be placed centrally on any website. In case you do not have the option to fit the full text, put the title of the page in the first section, meaning that the user does not have to scroll the page down to see what exactly is. So, you offer the information to capture the interest.

2. Avoid too many ads and banners in the first section of the page. While display advertising is the main way that many websites collect their revenue, it should be borne in mind that the presence of too many ads in the first part of the page may negatively affect the positioning in Google SERP. Ensure that advertising is not intrusive and is distinctive to text.

3. Create a content hierarchy. A well-defined hierarchy preserves organized content and at the same time allows the page’s prioritization to grow the website.

4. Ensure that the navigation process is clear – the page navigation must be easy to locate and intuitive for both the user and the search engines.

5. Nofollow rule for any paid or affiliated link – all paid links should have added the rel = “nofollow” attribute. This rule applies to affiliated links.

6. Use SEO-friendly URLs – URLs should be easy to read and understand and to follow a logical structure. Short URLs that include targeted keywords (separated by hyphens) are considered best for SEO.

7. Ensure that you have as much contact information as possible – details of how to contact you should be as easy to identify and, ideally speaking, should include a physical address.

8. Includes privacy policy, as well as the “about page” section. These are the sections of the website that reinforce user and search engine trust.

9. Minimize the use of text repetitions – duplicate text must be kept in layout and design as little as possible (you can use alternative solutions such as the sidebar).

10. If you need local SEO, include the address in the page design – add the physical address and contact details in the page design when you want to have good SERP for local keywords.

11. Use www. or not www – regardless of the chosen option, make sure the site is accessible and indexable only on the selected version. It is best to set your desired domain in Search Console (Webmaster Tools).

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